Sven Neumann wrote:
> > Well I feel that the "new" button is a bit too much. The plug-in should
> > just create the layer when it is needed eg. when you've written your
> > text and applied (or pressed ok) it.
> In that case the OK and Apply buttons would be grayed out and only New
> would be available.

But it requires the user to do something that isn't necessary.

> > There is no need to require the user to specifically create it. When the
> > user clicks inside active GDynText layer it will be edited and if the
> > user doesn't click inside GDynText layer it will create one.
> But most times I just want to add more text in the style of the existing
> text. Right know I first have to duplicate the layer, then edit the text.
> This is IMHO more annoying than another button.

I propably would include the new button, just make the creation of layer
automatic when not clicking on gdyntext-layer. This is far more

When the user has clicked to gdyntext-layer the new button would create
a new layer with similar settings. The "new"-button would actually be
more like "duplicate this layer and the following changes affect the new
layer" or "work on copy"...

Also making the GDynText-plugin to remember the last settings it was
used with would also lessen the need for "new"-button.

Also slighly off-topic... the Adode InDesign has a tool ("Property
picker" or something similar) that can be used to pick properties from a
text block or from a layer and apply them to another block or layer.
Very usefull functionality... This kind of functionality could be
implemented to GIMPs color picker.

> > Then again the "new" button is usefull when creating several layers of
> > text with similar settings, but even then I wouldn't group it with OK,
> > Apply and Close.
> Where would you put it then ?

To the top. I think.

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