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> Yeah. The logic was: The brush painted the line, and then moved to the place
> it is in the picture. It's more a matter of composition. If the bristles

Just to give you _one_ positive feedback: I don't really like the image,
compared to the balloon image.. Oh, ehrm, positive: I think 99% of
the users will not notice wether the brush points in one or the other
direction, and I can imagine that a "fixed" image might actually look

"Realism" is not always the same as "aesthetics".

> pointed to right, it would just look weird. All in all that pic was done
> very fast, just because Marc Lehmann was asking someone to replace his "new

I didn't ask to replace my cool(tm) splash image, I asked to replace the
older one, which didn't have the right amount of colour to my eyes. I did,
however, silently expect somebody to change that image before it grows old
and starts stinking ;)

> year" splash. The image is layered though so I was thinking of making this
> into the "About" image

The about window definitely is more in need of a change then the splash

> Any clue? Is gimp-python not working with cvs gimp?

since it (the script) complains about a function that only exists in
cvs-gimp, I guess that either some install problem happened (I can tell
you about silent install problems), or that, maybe, the python-plug-in did
not get updated.

> > - The tip of the brush should be soaked with ink.
> I tried that a bit but it looked weird. 

I like the abstract image as it is. I mean, it's not a photo...

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