On Don, 13 Jan 2000 wrote the famous Carey Bunks:

>Don't you think, though, that it would be good if the GIMP had an
>identity?  I think the marketing types call it something like
>"branding"...an image that when folks see it they say, "oh yeah,
>that's the GIMP".  If the splash is always changing, I think it will
>just lead to identity confusion.  For this reason, I'd prefer the
>brush over the random-splash-screen idea.  
>But I still prefer the balloon over the brush ;-)

Me too!

But what did you think about the ballon picture (with it's poetic message of
breaking the bounds and leaving the world behind) being painted by the brush
(to include the statement that gimp beats them all ;-))?

Hey, I am no artist -- and will never be :-(
But I am a bit of a conceptionist :-)))

Carey is right with the branding!  Photoshop is known by it's eye, corel draw
by it's balloon (so maybe the balloon isn't very well suited for the gimp),
Illustrator by the venus and so on.

So I think we have to start thinking about one concept that illustrates the
power of the gimp.  Let's make a brain-storm and start a hurricane of ideas!

And then our well beloved artists can bring this ideas and concepts to life!

Just my 0.02 euro ;-)

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right now the web page is in german only
but this will change as time goes by ;-)

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