Thus spoke Tom Rathborne
> Right now I think Wilber only shows up in the "Tip of the day" box.  I
> think he should be on the splash screen, on the about page, and
> perhaps even in the help files. If the help files will be based on
> GUM, which I imagine is a very structured document, maybe we could
> have special Wilber icons wherever there is a "warning" or "note" or
> "tip".

Wilbur probably belongs on the help pages and tips dialog.  The only other
place I think it might find a home is the Toolbox, perhaps as a background
image somehow.  But adding extra space just for the logo in every window is
a bit wasteful.  And over using it can be just as damaging as not using it

> Hey, we could even have a Wilber "agent" like the M$ Word Paperclip.

Bite your tongue!  :-)

> Please shoot me now.

I'll get the bullets.
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