Carey et al.

On Thu, Jan 13, 2000 at 04:48:02PM -0500, Carey Bunks wrote:
> Glyph wrote:
> > The random-splash-screen idea is a good one, perhaps with a few
> > more of the interim splashes. Let's not include 'Oh, the
> > humanity!' though, okay?  :-)
> Don't you think, though, that it would be good if the GIMP had an
> identity?  I think the marketing types call it something like
> "branding" image that when folks see it they say, "oh yeah,
> that's the GIMP".  If the splash is always changing, I think it will
> just lead to identity confusion.  For this reason, I'd prefer the
> brush over the random-splash-screen idea.  

I agree - identity is important! ... isn't Wilber the GIMP's
"identity"? I think Wilber is very cute and easy to recognize, and so
should show up in the gimp wherever possible.

Right now I think Wilber only shows up in the "Tip of the day" box.  I
think he should be on the splash screen, on the about page, and
perhaps even in the help files. If the help files will be based on
GUM, which I imagine is a very structured document, maybe we could
have special Wilber icons wherever there is a "warning" or "note" or

Hey, we could even have a Wilber "agent" like the M$ Word Paperclip.

Please shoot me now.


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