> I must admit that I have no idea how to edit bugreports or do anything
> else about them. I did *try*, but the pages are not very helpful in
> explaining how to use them.

Each and every one working actively on the gimp should make herself 
familiar with the bug-tracker, should be subscribed to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and
should look into the buglist frequently. 

So, please read:  http://bugs.gnome.org/Reporting.html
and look at:      http://bugs.gnome.org/db/pa/lgimp.html

> > I really don't know what bug you are talking about actually, so please,
> > would you take the time to file a proper bugreport? 
> No. I filed it, it got ignored. I reported it to the list, it got
> ignored. I did more to get that bug fixed than you could expect from
> anybody (because _I_ get asked about it twice a month)! I tried to contact
> people personally about that bug (and a couple of others) about that bug,
> and nobody reacted.
> Do not ask me _again_ to file/report it.

Well, I won't be able to fix it then.

Salut, Sven

PS: I lied in my previous mail, there is an open Script-Fu bug regarding the
    outcome of the neon-logo script. I'm working on it...

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