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> There are fantastic parsers available, no need to write any of those.

I'm not talking just parsers! A parser does exactly that -- it parses. You'd
still have to write handlers etc. for all the tags.

> That's the hitting point, if you want to use perl or script-fu here you
> have to produce code for (possibly :)) highlevel languages which isn't 
> quite simple.

I don't really see your point. We just make every pdb call print out its own

pdbfunction(2, 3, 400);

Possibly with some variables as well (such as drawables etc.). XML won't
really make a difference in the complexity of this.

> In my illusion at least making tags from events and the
> way back should be simpler...

The problem with Perl is the parsing step, not the recording step. We already
have well-working code for parsing/running Perl.

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