Sven Neumann wrote:
> Responding to what Carey Bunks wrote: 

>> My experience is that this does not work in practice.  I spent a lot
>> of time last summer trying to get Grokking the GIMP onto and
>> just could not convince anyone to allow me to do it.  That's why I
>> created
> Who did you ask then? Took me a little luck and a few minutes on irc 
> to get and registered under the 
> domain for example.


He asked this very mailing list. [See attached] For just 
one link. And while only Dr. Bunks can authoritatively 
state the response he received, apparently it was zip.

Perhaps only the IRC is the proper forum for gimp administrivia...

On the other hand, perhaps this is why we really, truly need 
a  webmistress/master - or a group that can make the role
function - so as to realize requests such as this. That is the 
true issue. As any number of posters have observed, bits can 
live anywhere - who cares where they live. Sourceforge.
Anyplace is fine by me. 

It's indexing, so that the useful, high-quality, bits may 
be referenced in short order from a well-known starting point, 
that is what's really called for, IMHO. is useful
as a starting point to wherever the bits may be because the URL
is well established in many peoples' minds, but the key is to
have the site *run*. In part that means catching requests
such as Carey's, having judgement that the offered link is of
high quality, and simply putting the link there. The effort is
not in writing an HTML anchor, of course, but having time to
field requests, look at what's available, and exercising a
discriminating judgement upon what's found.

Now, to date, no one with the savvy to discriminate high-
quality bits from cruft has come forward to make the site 
*run*. I presume its because anyone with such ability also 
realizes the time commitment required and few readers here 
are so immature as to volunteer for something they cannot 
undertake to complete. But isn't that how open source 
initiatives die, afterall, for want of initiative?

Be good, be well

Garry Osgood    

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What do folks think of adding either of these two resources to the Gimp?

  <Toolbox>/Xtns/Web Browser/     -->
  <Toolbox>/Xtns/Web Browser/Grokking the GIMP  -->

Best regards,

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