On Sat, May 20, 2000 at 01:47:33PM +0200, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> Who did you ask then? Took me a little luck and a few minutes on irc 
> to get sven.gimp.org and freetype.gimp.org registered under the 

It took me two emails to not get anything registered under gimp.org. Maybe
I just lack the luck or something...

I am not mad about this or anything, it's just that the people having access
to gimp.org are very busy, and getting them to do more work (even if it is
'just' adding a dns entry) is going to take some time.

In the same time it takes to go to irc and ask somebody to do somehting
for you you could have done it yourself using sourceforge....

And always asking other people to do something for you is definitely going
to *suck*.

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