On Sat, May 20, 2000 at 11:12:35AM +0200, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> It's confusing since the gimp stuff should come from one server not from
> a bunch of differently named and hard to find places. 

Excuse me, plug-ins.gimp. org is difficult to find, especially when it's
linked from the www.gimp.org site???

Where on earth are you living?

Fact is, no link exists on www.gimp.org, and no dns alias exists
either. But this just shows how HARD it is to get even the _most_ simple
things done, when one wants to use the existing gimp.org framework.

In the same timespan where NOTHING was done on the www.gimp.org pages a
full new project was created on sourceforge. If everything in gimp
development was so quick we would still be at gimp-0.0.

No, thank you.

BTW, I think it's faaar too late anyway. This whole thing was discussed
quite often in the last year. Creating that project (or something similar)
was already too late.

> Huh? I'm sure that if a group of people volunteers to create something
> useful and gimp-related and ask for access to the server, they will be
> given that possibility.

Well, I was told that doing it on gimp.org was a lot of work and
sourceforge might be a viable alternative. And I actually agree. Why
bother other people that already have no time?

> That's my whole point: Why do you put the effort into sourceforge
> instead of putting it into www.gimp.org where other parts of the website
> might benefit from it too?

Because sourceforge made it possible. On gimp.org it wasn't even possible
to add a simple dns alias.....

There is no evidence that the current setup is confusing, especially
if there were appropriate linkage (gimp-plug-ins has a lot of links to
www.gimp.org, btw). So I don't think you have the right to critize the
setup. I have seen how the way your described works (not). There are just
too many ifs (if there were more people helping, if gimp.org was easier
to administrate etc...). gimp.org is still in the "if's" state, while
gimp-plug-ins already is in the "basic framework there" state.

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