> Alternatively, why not put all of the Gimp on Sourceforge rather than
> trying to duplicate their effort?  

OK, probably I haven't enough experience with sourceforge. But could 
someone please explain me what effort you are talking about that would 
make it worse to use their service? Of course, provided the fact that 
you have a running web-service and DNS. 

Sourceforge is surely a great thing if you have a project and need a 
place on the web. But in our case we have a project and we have a 
place on the web. All we have to do is to find skilled volunteers, 
settle on a direction and do it.

> That doesn't prevent www.gimp.org
> from existing; you may even be able to DNS alias the appropriate
> *.gimp.org site to Sourceforge, although I'm not positive about that.

I'm sure that could be done. 

Salut, Sven

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