> I don't know.  Graphics samples don't really fall under my vision of the
> plug-in site, but they can go there if they need a home, I guess.  I can
> add it to the task list, and I'll give access to the web server (at
> sourceforge) to anyone who wants to implement it and demonstrates half a
> clue. 

They belong to www.gimp.org and of course people interested in working on 
that stuff can get access to the server (with similar restrictions to what 
you said: demonstrate half a clue...). 

> <simpara role="JadedBastard"> 
> Bah, it's hopeless, there's cruft at gimp.org, you got your gimp package
> from Helixcode.com, or the "gimp toolkit" from gtk.org, users go to
> gimp-savvy.com, developers get bug reports and CVS from gnome.org, and
> mailing lists run under the berkeley.edu domain but they're archived at
> who-knows-where.  What's wrong with adding sourceforge, geocities, and
> MSN into the lists of hosts too?  
> </>

It's the wrong solution to a bigger problem. If you think that having all 
those different sites is a problem, why don't you help the gimp.org
maintainers to change this to the better, but instead add another problem
in the same spirit...?

Salut, Sven

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