On Sat, Sep 09, 2000 at 07:45:17PM -0400, Brandon wrote:
> Below is a patch to add support for saving TGA files upside down.
> Although it sounds
> strange to do, it is a supported feature of the file format and OpenGL
> expects its
> textures to be upside down.  Support already exists for reading such files
> but it
> was impossible to save them.

The spirit is appreciated, but (a) The TGA filter is being reworked at
present and may (in my tree) no longer resemble the original enough to
apply the patch and (b) I don't think Gimp should offer too many
features that work around uncommon errors in other systems at a cost of
confusing users...

Did you want this to make a specific application go faster? Or because
of a bug in someone else's TGA loader that means you can't load images
the right way up? I know that OpenGL's internal store doesn't resemble
a TGA very much, but I'd argue that the vertical orientation is the
least of your troubles.


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