On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 03:38:29PM +0200, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> Ah! ;) Still gimp would not support uncommon errors by giving the user more
> freedom.

Allowing users to needlessly create bizarre image files that will then
cause them trouble in other packages is just _asking_ for trouble.

> This is windows thinking a lot. Not implementing something because it is
> costing a lot of time would be understandable, but not offering features
> because the user might be too dumb is never a good idea (IMHO).

Fine, I'll put the "PC vs Mac" option back into Gimp's TIFF filter and
mail you all the confused whining from users. :)

> > working image app... I want to have a genuine REASON to add any
> > options like this before I risk confusing users further.
> Well, we could also always write png's with compression=9, for example, as
> the resulting image is the same in all cases ;)

What an appropriate choice. Check out PS 4.0 and see what the equivalent
dialog says there. There sure are a lot more options in the compression
section. An Adobe engineer probably spent a few hours on that dialog.

Unfortunately what they come down to is that you can choose to make PS4
do a lot worse than Gimp, or nearly as good. Since Gimp is already as
good as Gimp, having options to make it worse seems pointless, no?
Photoshop 5.0 abandons the unnecessary extra options AFAIK.

Still, your point is taken, some behaviour that's not directly visible
to the user needs to be reflected in the options. I agree, but it's
not universally true that more options is good.

> > Still, a good reason may be forthcoming and if it is I'll happily
> > integrate this patch or one like it.
> A very good reason _not_ to is that it might be pretty unimportant, so
> coding these features might be a waste of time...

Some options do not appear to buy anything except additional code
complexity. I differ with Marc here, I don't mind coding it, but I
do object to untested code paths. I'm not going to write a test
suite to check the umpty-zillion possible alternatives if we try
all the options.

So even though this TGA patch is "free", I still don't expect to apply
it without a good reason.


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