On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 01:15:18AM +0100, Nick Lamb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > If the abovce is true and the file format indeed supports this (in the
> > spec, if any), then this is not an "error" but "valid but uncommon".
> Ah no, writing images to TGA with "flip-vertical" flag set is both valid
> and common, almost universal in fact. But not being willing or able to
> load top-down images like Gimps would be an uncommon error,

Ah! ;) Still gimp would not support uncommon errors by giving the user more

> wacky things you legally _can_ write to a TGA file, I am offering the
> opinion that we should generally shield users from the dozens of valid
> yet unimportant TGA options, and set them for our convenience, as we
> do with TIFF.

This is windows thinking a lot. Not implementing something because it is
costing a lot of time would be understandable, but not offering features
because the user might be too dumb is never a good idea (IMHO).

> [x] Top-left start [ ] Top-right start [ ] Bottom-right start [ ] ...
> [x] R-G-B [ ] B-R-G [ ] R-B-G [ ] B-R-A-G

Make sa lot of sense to me. TGA images are a common format for programs
that have special requirements (like a special layout).

> [ ] Mysteriously allocate but don't use colourmap
> [ ] Make alternate scanlines inverted for some reason
> [ ] Write four channels, but then only use three

These are of a something different quality, though.

> working image app... I want to have a genuine REASON to add any
> options like this before I risk confusing users further.

Well, we could also always write png's with compression=9, for example, as
the resulting image is the same in all cases ;)

> Still, a good reason may be forthcoming and if it is I'll happily
> integrate this patch or one like it.

A very good reason _not_ to is that it might be pretty unimportant, so
coding these features might be a waste of time...

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