Including a nine yard long list of options in every dialog is bad.
But let us not forget that we have a rich legacy of Unix heritage to
uphold.  What that means to me is giving the power user the option of
taking enough power to burn out every synapse in her body, if she so
desires...  just don't make it *too* easy for her to get at it.

The PDB is a terrific junk heap of an interface.  If you want to provide
some obscure options, I think that's the place to do it.  Anyone weird
enough to want them can homebrew (and/or distribute) a script to use
what's there.

And the rest of us, who see in the red-to-violet spectrum, have no more
than two eyes per head, and have deep-seated notions about which way is
"up", will keep control of the mainstream interface for our own selfish

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