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>Nick Lamb wrote:
>> Enough hilarity. If you know of something which must be done before
>> 1.2.0 please follow on to this mail. If you know of a reason why
>> we should unfreeze Gimp instead, feel free to let loose.
>> 1. VAGUE: Documentation should be "good" (definition anyone?)
>> 2. Critical/ Severe bug reports should be fixed or marked down (bug #s?)
>> 3. VAGUE: Gimp should build out-of-box on lots of systems
>> 99. Find and #ifdef any debug scribble to console
>> 100. Check package files, READMEs, etc. for correctness
>??. sigaction/OSF/1/GTK resolution
>Signal messiness. and a temporary hack is (Am I correct on this, Tim Mooney?)

I was going to send something to the list about this very issue.  You are
correct.  The resolution was to get plumbing in glib so that it detects
EINTR and returns some distinguishable error in that case for g_io_channels().
That plumbing hasn't shown up yet.

I'll send along what I've composed so far...

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