Nick Lamb wrote:

> Enough hilarity. If you know of something which must be done before
> 1.2.0 please follow on to this mail. If you know of a reason why
> we should unfreeze Gimp instead, feel free to let loose.
> 1. VAGUE: Documentation should be "good" (definition anyone?)
> 2. Critical/ Severe bug reports should be fixed or marked down (bug #s?)
> 3. VAGUE: Gimp should build out-of-box on lots of systems
> 99. Find and #ifdef any debug scribble to console
> 100. Check package files, READMEs, etc. for correctness

??. sigaction/OSF/1/GTK resolution
Signal messiness. and a temporary hack is (Am I correct on this, Tim Mooney?)
is keeping #2742/#6050) at bay for a class of OSF/1 users. The real cause for
the bug is in OSF/1, identified by Austin Donnelly,  (See bug report for a lot of silly
but GTK didn't respond well to the OSF/1 strangeness and Mitch Natterer
had to write temporary error catching code to get plug-ins to correctly identify
themselves. I think the conclusion was to revert the temporary patch before 1.2
release. This depends on g_io_channels revisions being injected into a general
GTK release, an effort Tim Janik said the GTK team is undertaking.
(discussed at Gimp developer's conference, last June).

Be good, be well


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