On Monday, 25 Sep 2000, Nick Lamb wrote:

> 1. VAGUE: Documentation should be "good" (definition anyone?)
> 2. Critical/ Severe bug reports should be fixed or marked down (bug #s?)
> 3. VAGUE: Gimp should build out-of-box on lots of systems
> 99. Find and #ifdef any debug scribble to console
> 100. Check package files, READMEs, etc. for correctness

I agree.  In the lists below, I ignore all build problems.  There
should probably be a separate list of bugs relating to build problems
(there seem to be quite a few).  I have also skipped over some bug
reports to do with plugins.

In order of seriousness:

A: The gimp core

1) Bugs that cause the main gimp process to crash, or make it impossible
   to save your work: release CRITICAL.
#21269 Bus Error when using paint brush
#12582 Crash when 'progressive' selected in jpeg save
#12263 Going to "Save As" causes segfault
#8150  gimp crashes when loading an invalid brush (which is easy to create)
#5878  Xsetpointer change crashes GIMP

2) Correctness problems with main gimp process: GRAVE/CRITICAL.
#25272 The thumbnails (.xvpics) do not always match the image.
#25266 Load,Crop, then Save results in original (not cropped) image being saved
#23601 stand-alone nav window doesn't update on layer info changes
#19285 Convolver tool won't operate within 2 pixels of image edge
#18913 Brush scaling problems with Size option (pen tablet)
#13229 "Magic wand" selects whole image when it's fully zoomed in on.
#12754 Crop From Selection, doesn't quite.
#10125 "quick" colour picker does not honour "sample merged"
#8141  leftover images
#7829  merging a layer in dissolve mode makes the layer to look like it was "normal"
#6901  Can not continually move a floating selection with a pressure sensitive pointer.
#6050  ** WARNING **: wire_read: error for all the plug-ins
#5745  module unload needs to be from gtk idle loop
#5560  layer dialog disturbing scripts?

3) Problems with presentation: incorrect image refreshes, tool xor
   dust, and other cosmetic problems: GRAVE.
#17904 rounding error in calculation of selection boundary
   == #22375 GIMP leaves strange (ugly) lines when moving a selection.
#21936 Cursor position window doesn't expand after undo
#17906 layer move mouse handling not pixel-perfect
#16583 "new view" not being updated correctly
#10554 Large .jpg not scaled on open
#10498 Marching Ants die untimely deaths

4) *** GTK/GDK etc warnings: GRAVE.  Most of these arise from failed
   assertions, and are an indication of some deeper problem.  Just
   because the system stays up doesn't mean it will continue behaving
#22567 window size confused after un-doing resize
#15546 some text display problems on HP-UX

5) everything else: NORMAL.

B: Plugins

For plugins, I think we need to take some tough decisions as to which
plugins are supported, and which aren't.  I don't know how to do this,
but others have suggested looking at which are mentioned in the

Once we've decided a plugin is supported, this should mean:
1) All known segfault bugs fixed.
#8139 gimpressionist segfaults
#7437 Gimpressions crashes

2) Correct, expected behaviour, on all image types.
#25968 NL Filter gives strange effects when using alpha > 0.5
#25963 Undo of "value invert" on indexed PNG is impossible
#12299 NL Filter: shift by one pixel
#11828 GIF load fails
#10679 Some Scripts mess up the layer stack (Xach Vision)
#9156 bug in ifscompose

For unmaintained plugins, it depends how much they're used.  I suggest
running an "adopt a plugin" programme, where people are encouraged to
become a plugin "owner", thereby accepting responsibility for its
correctness.  They should be encouraged to take pride in their plugin.
If someone cares about a particular plugin, they will maintain it,
otherwise it dies: very Darwinian :)

C: Script-fu, perl-fu etc

Check all scripts do something plausible.  Hopefully the same as they
did under gimp 1.0.4.  Maybe this should get a higher priority, but
I've never really cared much for the script-fus, and I've never been
able to get the perl stuff to work, so I just --disable-perl these

It may be that some of the bugs I mention above don't exist anymore,
or are not reproducible.  They should be followed up and eventually
closed if the originator can't reproduce them either, or if there's a
ChangeLog entry that claims to fix the bug.

I'll change the priority of the bugs as I mentioned above.  


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