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>> Perhaps it's been fixed in CVS already, and that's what you're looking
>> at?
> No, it's not fixed in CVS.... but for some reason
> find -name *.c | grep "//" -            

You need to quote the '*.c', it's getting expanded by the shell before
it ever gets fed to find.  :-)

find . -name '*.c' -exec egrep '//' {} /dev/null \;


find . -name \*.c -exec egrep '//' {} /dev/null \;


find . -name '*.c' -o -name '*.h' -exec egrep '//' {} /dev/null \; | \
        grep -v '://'

(to get rid of false matches on URLs)

> didn't work as I would have expected it. Will grep it manually and
> replace every C++ comment by a C comment. Thanks for pointing out!

You're welcome!

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