On 26 Sep, Tim Mooney wrote:

>> Grepped through the source and couldn't find any C++ style
>> comments...
> cc: Error: lighting_ui.c, line 387: Invalid statement. (badstmt)
>   // GtkWidget *spinbutton;
> --^
> This is from 1.1.26/plug-ins/Lighting.  I haven't made the build
> proceed any farther, to see if there are others.
> Perhaps it's been fixed in CVS already, and that's what you're looking
> at?

 No, it's not fixed in CVS.... but for some reason
 find -name *.c | grep "//" -            
 didn't work as I would have expected it. Will grep it manually and
 replace every C++ comment by a C comment. Thanks for pointing out!



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