In regard to: TODO for 1.2 release, Nick Lamb said (at 8:21pm on Sep 25, 2000):

>Now, I bet a lot of money that Gimp 1.2 wouldn't be released in 2000
>To make me lose,

I still remember the announcement for the pre-1.0 party, where S
uttered the famous words, "One-point-Oh is close".  21 test releases later,
it was.  :-)  Those guys needed an excuse to unwind, though, so it was
still a great idea.  I never did hear if Quartic salsa'ed with Beavis
the cat, though...

>1. VAGUE: Documentation should be "good" (definition anyone?)
>2. Critical/ Severe bug reports should be fixed or marked down (bug #s?)
>3. VAGUE: Gimp should build out-of-box on lots of systems
>99. Find and #ifdef any debug scribble to console
>100. Check package files, READMEs, etc. for correctness

A problem (#2742/#6050) that Garry Osgood, Austin Donnelly, and Mitch
Natterer worked on that's related to fubar handling of SA_RESTART on
alpha-dec-osf boxes was (in theory) going to be fixed by getting some
special plumbing in glib's g_io_channel(), so that gimp didn't have to
rely on SA_RESTART.  Austin has a quote from Tim Janik that adding the
necessary stuff would be fairly easy to do.  So far there hasn't been
a 1.2.9 of glib that adds the plumbing, but glib/gtk+ is probably harder
to get new stuff into right now than gimp is, because of where they are
in their release cycle.

I can't get the text from any of the bugs in the database right now, but
#15546 makes gimp pretty much unuseable on HP-UX.

The next two are build problems -- Austin is right that they should
probably be handled separately, but they are (IMHO) still important.

As I've reported previously on this list, because of build problems
prevalent in gtk+ and gimp, both are unuseable on AIX.  The problem is
really in libtool's poor support for AIX's goofy shared object requirements,
but unless someone documents it in a README, gimp users on AIX are going
to be disappointed.

I'll try build 1.1.26 or some subsequent release on the platforms I have
access to, but whoever does pre-release builds (Yosh?) should see if there's
a way to make your compiler (gcc?) warn/error on C++ style comments.  Every
single point build of gimp for the last dozen or so builds has included
new C++ style comments in various places, and invariably that's going to
cause problems on some platform.

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