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>On 26 Sep, Tim Mooney wrote:
>> I'll try build 1.1.26 or some subsequent release on the platforms I
>> have access to, but whoever does pre-release builds (Yosh?) should see
>> if there's a way to make your compiler (gcc?) warn/error on C++ style
>> comments.  Every single point build of gimp for the last dozen or so
>> builds has included new C++ style comments in various places, and
>> invariably that's going to cause problems on some platform.
> Grepped through the source and couldn't find any C++ style comments...

cc: Error: lighting_ui.c, line 387: Invalid statement. (badstmt)
  // GtkWidget *spinbutton;

This is from 1.1.26/plug-ins/Lighting.  I haven't made the build proceed
any farther, to see if there are others.

Perhaps it's been fixed in CVS already, and that's what you're looking at?

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