Zolan Davis said...
|Please tell me the rationale behind having the drawing icons point downwards.

Um, it's *natural*?

Had you asked why they point from the left, I would
understand your question.  But the metaphor of using
a pencil, or a paintbrush, or the others, is generally
pointing down.  Yes, your monitor is up compared to
your hand, but most people are used to how you hold a
pencil, or a watercolor brush when painting on a table.

I won;t say it's more valid to do it as GIMP does,
but I contend it is at least as valid.

|On my desk, the monitor is above the mouse, and my other applications reflect this.
|Far from becoming one with the brush, the Gimp arrangement seems to exaggerate 
|We have to work out where the hot spot is going to be from operation to operation.

And I *really* don't understand this one.  It's always
been intutive to me (and I had nothing to do with that
part of the GIMP.)

If you look in the brushes/ directory under the gimp
library, you'll find the brushes.


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