[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-11-03 at 2223.03 -0600):
> |
> |Please tell me the rationale behind having the drawing icons point downwards.
> Um, it's *natural*?
> Had you asked why they point from the left, I would
> understand your question.  But the metaphor of using
> a pencil, or a paintbrush, or the others, is generally
> pointing down.  Yes, your monitor is up compared to
> your hand, but most people are used to how you hold a
> pencil, or a watercolor brush when painting on a table.

You forgot some people are left handed, so any side is valid (the
difference is the ratio of users that find it normal). And I know
people that handle tools in rare positions (some times I wonder if
that does not hurt, but they do without problems), so up or down is
also very relative.

And yes, the real world idea is what people have not where is the
mouse and the monitor... specially if you use a tablet: you hold the
tool "normal" but you you see the results above where you paint. ;]


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