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> It isn't urgent but this seemed the best place to ask. If not, please provide 
> Please tell me the rationale behind having the drawing icons point downwards.
> On my desk, the monitor is above the mouse, and my other applications reflect this.
> Far from becoming one with the brush, the Gimp arrangement seems to exaggerate 
> We have to work out where the hot spot is going to be from operation to operation.

Try to use the new Crosshair cursors which can be enabled in the Preferences
dialog. IMHO they are much nicer to work with and should eventually become
the default.

> But just in case, let me know how I can change the icons. I'm using v 1.1.19 on W'98 
>(yes, a bit dodgy, but I'm getting there).

If you want to change the cursors, the files are in the cursors directory in
the gimp source tree. You will find an .xcf file there that contains all 
cursors. The GIMP xbm plug-in allows you to set the hotspot when saving.

Salut, Sven

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