On Sun, Nov 05, 2000 at 05:43:35PM -0500, thus said Garry R. Osgood:
> Austin Donnelly wrote:
> > Is it generally known that mouse-down and waiting on brushes and
> > patterns pops up a larger preview window showing the whole
> > brush/pattern if it's larger than the preview?
> >
> > Do many users discover this themselves, or are they ignorant of the
> > fact?
> I think I noticed it around May or June, 2000 after a year of mucking
> around with Gimp. A preview suddenly popped up into my face. Pause.
> then light dawned over Marblehead.  Wasn't looking for it; but glad to have found it.
> So it can be found by an innocent user, but perhaps not quickly.

Also, I think it wasnt there always, I had been using the brushes for a long
time before it was added. Thus I didnt know to expect it since it didnt work
before, even if I wanted. Of course I could remember wrong too.

The small + indicator is a good sign that there is a preview to popup if the
brush is large.



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