> - Alt + Space: swap tools. You have Current and Alternative (you
> guessed, Alt key), hitting it makes swap the places. If you choose
> another tool via menus / keys / buttons it becomes Current, and the
> previous one becomes Alternative.

I really like this idea, as it eliminates the need for the developers to
anticipate what the users will want for the alternative key.  No more thinking
"If only CTRL brought up [random tool] instead of [other random tool] with the
paintbrush!"  User configurability is what makes the GIMP awsome, and the more
the better (without overwhelming the user that is).

> It would be like when you zoom out, you start viewing inactive area,
> but with two details:
> - the area always exist, even if at 1600% you always get the extra
> separating image size from rulers when you move near border. It will
> mean a bigger window if at 100% and showing all. As user should be
> able to configure it, he can use from 0 (same as current) to a nice
> value (100 pix? 200?). Should be changable on the fly, if possible.
> - paint affects it too, but disappears after a given time (user
> configurable inactivity time). It only shows on screen, does not
> affect layer painting (or maybe yes, should be investigated if it
> makes some ops easier, like Smudge). Filters ignore it, when you
> change zoom, view or something it can disappear without problems. It
> is temp, you can use it, but do not expect it to be true paint.

This sounds a lot like a temporary layer.  I'm thinking, why restrict yourself
the the edges of the canvas, why not see how a color looks right where it will
be.  Of course, this is also a lot like just trying the color and then hitting
^Z or something.....

Interesting ideas though.

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