[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-02-04 at 1206.22 -0800):
> This sounds a lot like a temporary layer.  I'm thinking, why
> restrict yourself the the edges of the canvas, why not see how a
> color looks right where it will be.  Of course, this is also a lot
> like just trying the color and then hitting ^Z or something.....

Well, the thing about testing colors is a plus (I use Ctrl + Z a lot,
as you say), the point is about being able to point borders nicely.
How many times people found that they can not use a tool near the
border cos their image is too big to fit on screen (zoom or big

Graphical explanation:
- new image, small, ie 256 * 256.
- choose paint brush tool, bird brush.
- resize window (make bigger) so you see the extra area.
- start painting outside, move inside working area, see how you can
get some birds appear partially (tails, heads, less than half brush).
- try with an image bigger than your screen, or the original one at
big zoom. No way to get less than half birds near borders.

Choosing a circular brushes also shows the effect, look how hard is to
get paint near borders that does not show your brush is circular (bird
is just a even better example). It also happens with other tools, like
gradient or lazzo ones, cos you can not start outside working area if
there is no extra area.

And not, I am not asking about all inside big window like PS, just
about some configurable extra space arround. And if possible (aka not
complex), to show paint there too (the temp layer you say).


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