On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:

> On Sun, Feb 04, 2001 at 01:24:18PM -0800, thus said the Loial Raven:
> > i like both ideas, but the second one is what i realy realy like...
> > 
> > Please, somebody impliment this... this is about what i wanted a couple
> > months back, but with more... the extra edges i'm starting to realy realy
> > go crazy without... with the gimp 1.2 i picked up a week or so back on
> > debian, if you go over the edge while using a tablet, it draws a straight
> > line to the upper left hand side, and it does this for every single point
> > you cross, so you get this deep streak...
> This sounds like a bug that needs fixing. Is this Intuos? What XFree
> version? Etc. Anyone else see something like this?

XFree 4.0.1... with a wacom artpad II - KT-0405-R

the edges losing my selections is because the tool is changed when i leave
the drawing area... it changes to the core-pointer briefly...

> > Since i normaly work on images that are larger than my desktop, i often am
> > zoomed in... so there is no boarder... as well, under any of the selection
> > tools, your cursor goes out of the drawing area, you loses all of the
> > selection, well, except when using the bezier select...
> > 
> > The idea of allowing you to draw on the outside boarder is a neat one... i
> > like it... maybe make it adjustable to it's size(even better if it was on
> > the fly... might use the enlarge canvas or something to do this) and the
> > time or method of erasing it... so if you wanted, you could call one
> > hotkey and it erases it all, or wait 2 minutes... or wait till the layer,
> > zoom, or pan is changed...
> Hmm. Why just not have another image as a "scratch paper"? It would be less
> trouble anyway I think. And you could have it where you want. The border
> thing sounds like a lot of trouble for little real gain.

the scratchpaper is compleatly useless unless it has the backgrounds of
the origional behind it, for me at least... i normaly draw on lotsa 
layers, using layers farther back as guides and scetches... even doing the
accual image in multiple layers to allow easy editing of different
sections... but it's only when painting and selecting it gets very

As another example... i sometimes use the shapeburst blend to make
heightfields, if the heighfield extends past the screen, it is cut off,
and is defaulted to the lowest point(making it so the heighfield is
effected by the sides of the screen) by selecting offscrean, you could
negate this and make full heightmaps without that problem...

Uh... am i making sence?

i guess the bigest problem is when doing a freehand select on a very large
image... one that you have to zoom out to get any edge on the
screen... when your zoomed out, the freehand select becomes rough and
pixelated, but if you try selecting something on the edge of the screen,
as soon as the tool leaves the drawing area, it closes off the selection,
making it rather useless, and you have to start over.
the bezier select does remedy this by allowing accurate
selections(non-pixelated) even when zoomed out, but it's not as good for
very rough patterns or ultra-complex ones.

As well, if your airbrushing, if you want to airbrush just off of the
drawable area, your out of luck... i would use this for doing boarders or
the like, where you want it always fading to the edge.

hmm... a few thoughts on how this can be done...
in preferences, you could set a default size of the tab around the
drawing... this area is saved in an xcf format image, but no other ones.
It could have a line around it like the edge of the normal image, and can
have a transparent background in that area... what it could be is just a
larger image, with a little bit of information in the header(or a hidden
peice in the file) that declares how large an area this is. if wished, you
could also make it auto-erase itself based on a few different
changes(active layer, pan/zoom, time, etc.) based on how the user would
like it...

of course, all of this could be just defaulted to 0 in size, and never
update, so it wouldn't change how the program normaly acted...

> What comes to the space thing, I'd like to see the hold space&drag -> pan
> image be implemented in gimp as well as all over Gnome (gnome print for
> example) It is used pretty all over Mac and Windows, and I dont know why it
> shouldnt be also for Gimp. I know we pan with mouse button 2, but space-drag
> is kinda nice too. I need to use illustrator for vector graphics, so I get
> all confused every time I switch apps :)
> Best wishes,
> Tuomas
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i like the space-bar ideas... i probobly wouldn't use it, since i like the
mouse button pan though.

well, have fun
   Matthew Peters

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