i like both ideas, but the second one is what i realy realy like...

Please, somebody impliment this... this is about what i wanted a couple
months back, but with more... the extra edges i'm starting to realy realy
go crazy without... with the gimp 1.2 i picked up a week or so back on
debian, if you go over the edge while using a tablet, it draws a straight
line to the upper left hand side, and it does this for every single point
you cross, so you get this deep streak...
Since i normaly work on images that are larger than my desktop, i often am
zoomed in... so there is no boarder... as well, under any of the selection
tools, your cursor goes out of the drawing area, you loses all of the
selection, well, except when using the bezier select...

The idea of allowing you to draw on the outside boarder is a neat one... i
like it... maybe make it adjustable to it's size(even better if it was on
the fly... might use the enlarge canvas or something to do this) and the
time or method of erasing it... so if you wanted, you could call one
hotkey and it erases it all, or wait 2 minutes... or wait till the layer,
zoom, or pan is changed...

hmmph... i wish i was a good enough programmer to do this myself... but
anyhow, if anyone else can do this, it would be greatly apreciated.

   Matthew Peters

On Sun, 4 Feb 2001, Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero wrote:

> = Extra border area =
> The swap tools remembered me of when I paint in real world, I end
> holding tools in the other hand, or "biting" them. And I also paint
> the protectors (newspapers, adhesive tape) if I need to test
> something, discard paint, start outside final area or in general do
> something that will not appear in final job. So what about adding a
> configurable area around layers?
> It would be like when you zoom out, you start viewing inactive area,
> but with two details:
> - the area always exist, even if at 1600% you always get the extra
> separating image size from rulers when you move near border. It will
> mean a bigger window if at 100% and showing all. As user should be
> able to configure it, he can use from 0 (same as current) to a nice
> value (100 pix? 200?). Should be changable on the fly, if possible.
> - paint affects it too, but disappears after a given time (user
> configurable inactivity time). It only shows on screen, does not
> affect layer painting (or maybe yes, should be investigated if it
> makes some ops easier, like Smudge). Filters ignore it, when you
> change zoom, view or something it can disappear without problems. It
> is temp, you can use it, but do not expect it to be true paint.
> When you are trying to see if layers are inside or outside it will
> help. Also when you want to start a stroke near the border. And the
> bigger the image, the better cos the other option is to start with a
> bigger image than needed, and crop; supposing you want A pix of
> border, it means you save A * A * 4 + A * xsize * 2 + A * ysize *
> 2. Or to just test how much pressure you need without having a scratch
> image.
> No idea about how to implement it, or if it easy or complex. But would
> be nice, even in the most basic aspect (paint never appear, but at
> least you have the space to move the cursor and start paiting outside
> when zoomed in). :]
> = End =
> Thanks for reading both ideas.

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