On Sun, Feb 04, 2001 at 01:24:18PM -0800, thus said the Loial Raven:
> i like both ideas, but the second one is what i realy realy like...
> Please, somebody impliment this... this is about what i wanted a couple
> months back, but with more... the extra edges i'm starting to realy realy
> go crazy without... with the gimp 1.2 i picked up a week or so back on
> debian, if you go over the edge while using a tablet, it draws a straight
> line to the upper left hand side, and it does this for every single point
> you cross, so you get this deep streak...

This sounds like a bug that needs fixing. Is this Intuos? What XFree
version? Etc. Anyone else see something like this?

> Since i normaly work on images that are larger than my desktop, i often am
> zoomed in... so there is no boarder... as well, under any of the selection
> tools, your cursor goes out of the drawing area, you loses all of the
> selection, well, except when using the bezier select...
> The idea of allowing you to draw on the outside boarder is a neat one... i
> like it... maybe make it adjustable to it's size(even better if it was on
> the fly... might use the enlarge canvas or something to do this) and the
> time or method of erasing it... so if you wanted, you could call one
> hotkey and it erases it all, or wait 2 minutes... or wait till the layer,
> zoom, or pan is changed...

Hmm. Why just not have another image as a "scratch paper"? It would be less
trouble anyway I think. And you could have it where you want. The border
thing sounds like a lot of trouble for little real gain.

What comes to the space thing, I'd like to see the hold space&drag -> pan
image be implemented in gimp as well as all over Gnome (gnome print for
example) It is used pretty all over Mac and Windows, and I dont know why it
shouldnt be also for Gimp. I know we pan with mouse button 2, but space-drag
is kinda nice too. I need to use illustrator for vector graphics, so I get
all confused every time I switch apps :)

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