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> Hi,
>> With careful i read and read your guidance. And i realized that i need
>> some homework for git usage.
> No need of git if you are only translating.
> Go to http://l10n.gnome.org/module/gimp-help-2/
> There, you will find Japanese files to edit.
Hi, Julien.
You're right. He doesn't need to learn howto use git. Just download
korean files from there.
However, he might need to git and some other packages.

To translate all strings in order, just download po files and
translate them, but it's not easy to do by one person in his rest
time. I've translated about 200 pages for a year and more than are

Therefore, I'd like to recommend him to compile gimp-help-2 and make
html files for checking what he did or what he have to. Of course he
could see gimp-help-2 online version, though.

Anyhow, in my experience, strings in po files of gimp-help-2 are not
independent. To know some connections between paragraphs or to
understand flow of contexts are needed, since it is a document. That's
why I told him to get files from git. :)

JiHui Choi
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