Hello, RyōTa SimaMoto.
I'm Jihui Choi, an ex-translator for Korean. ;)
In fact, I can't translate for a while, so Byung-Hee volunteer to
translate gimp ui and gimp-help-2 instead of me or with me. :)

By the way, I'm really surprised of your work.
A year ago, there was no Japanese translation for gimp-help-2, but one
day you've translated all documents. How did you do that? Did you do
only by yourself or with someone?

As my known, translating work is very active in Japan. I believe we
can learn something from your experience and knowledge about
translating. If you don't mid, would you give us some advice? If you
do that, I'll really appreciate to you and all Japanese translators.

JiHui Choi
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