RyōTa SimaMoto (Monday, 15. February 2010)
> The 'find' command on the top Makfile is
> expected to be run on BASH shell internally, like
>   $(find_l) images/{common,C}
> , but it does not work on genuine SH shell.  

'find' doesn't work?

> If you get trouble on it, edit these command lines as
>   $(find_l) images/common images/C

"find_l" is defined as "find -L", and you can always override it on 
the command-line with
        make ... find_l=/what/ever/you/want
If the '-L' option is not supported by your system [*] we can add a 
test to check this and set find_l to "find" if necessary.

Just report if something doesn't work, I'm (a) a Linux-only user and 
(b) no clairvoyant ... ;-)


[*] The '-L' option "shall be supported" according to POSIX.1-2008, 

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