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> 안녕하십니까? 황병희씨 반갑습니다!
> I welcome you.
> My name is 島本良太, I'm a translator for Japanese.

SimaMoto-san, hajime-mashite! -- sorry i have no Input Method for
Japanese for now. I'm a translator for Korean (beginner).

> I read your web page and knew you use FreeBSD.
> I was a FreeBSD user too.  As you know, the port
> of the GIMP Help stick on the version 2.4.2 yet.
> If you have more spare time, please do send-pr
> to update it to the version 2.6.0.  The current official
> packages only need to be extracted under the
> directory /usr/local/share/gimp/, but do not
> require any other document-building system around
> XML like for the older version (2.4.x).

Ah yes, i like very much FreeBSD than the other OS. OK, if i have spare
time more, i'll study about that, thanks for remark. 
> Occasionally I don't use FreeBSD but Cygwin now
> because my own PC is broken on its disk crash.
> Someday I will come back to my favorite OS, and
> check your work on fortune-mod-the-godfather.

My the fortune is good for me when i write emails. It used for Email's
signature in random. Actually it works fine for Gnus ^^
> Something I know about Makefile on this system:
> This system use GNU make, so I recommend you to
> type the commands (with a target) as follows:
> MAKE=gmake gmake target
> The 'find' command on the top Makfile is
> expected to be run on BASH shell internally, like
>   $(find_l) images/{common,C}
> , but it does not work on genuine SH shell.  If you
> get trouble on it, edit these command lines as
>   $(find_l) images/common images/C

After i read above thing, i think that you have professional skill about
C programing. That's good. By the way, i have to study more more more
about that to make/edit something under C area. What i understand from
your words, is only MAKE's target and BASH shell is important for Gimp

Given information, to tell truth, i think you are better than me, for
contribute to FreeBSD Project with Gimp. Anyway thanks! 

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"Why come to me? I have no interest in such things."
                -- Tessio and Vito Corleone, "Chapter 14", page 205
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