On Wed, 2010-09-01 at 19:02 +0200, Kolbjørn Stuestøl wrote:

> In Windows installing programs are much simpler than in Linux. Mostly 
> you start an installer and that's it. The average Windows user normally 
> do not know how to install packages like in Linux.

Actually on Linux, you are using a package installer software provided
by your distribution. This is even simpler than on Windows. No average
user on Linux knows how to install from source either and shouldn't have
to know.

> But the main problem to the Windows user, in my opinion at least, is how 
> to find the download site and zip files. The ".bz2" is unknown to most 
> users and the formate is not handled by (most?) unzip program used in 
> Windows. So a solution could be to add the necessary files in ".zip" 
> formate (which is readable by Windows) reachable from the common 
> download (html) sites? I guess the average Windows user is not familiar 
> with the ftp protocol either.
> Somewhere there also has to be a description on where to put the help 
> files in the gimp catalog. Something like: "Unzip the help files to the 
> GIMP-2.0 -> share -> gimp -> 2.0 -> help folder". Simple?

The tarballs are not targeted at users. Users are supposed to install
the manual by means of an installer (Win32) or by installing a package
created for their distribution (Linux). The tarballs that are provided
on ftp.gimp.org are the source that packages are supposed to use.
Nothing more, nothing less.

You should try to play well with packagers and distributions and make
releases frequently so that users can pick up updates easily. It is not
our job to educate them how to install the manual from source. And I
consider the generated HTML the source. It's not something users should
have to deal with.


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