On 02/09/2010 20:11, Sven Neumann wrote:

> You should try to play well with packagers and distributions and make
> releases frequently so that users can pick up updates easily. It is not
> our job to educate them how to install the manual from source. And I
> consider the generated HTML the source. It's not something users should
> have to deal with.

Fully agree with that. And indeed it turns out that the person who made the 
2.6.0 installer for Windows has also packaged the help files as a separate 

I found this by googling a few times and discovered:
which points to a sourceforge site. I tried it - it works.

So the problem is simply that the damn thing is not on the GIMP web site, so 
no-one knows about it; considering that lack of local Win help files is a 
problem, surely to goodness someone can fix that....?

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