Right now, the GIMP icon in taskbar/alt-tab is either the Wilber icon when no image is opened or a thumbnail of the image otherwise. A Windows user raised the issue that when there are a lot of applications opened, it is difficult to find GIMP when it shows a thumbnail and would propose to always show the Wilber icon.
Feature request: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=707932

A recent proposition has been that we always show the Wilber icon in single window mode, and the thumbnails in multi-windows mode with images opened.

Though at times I appreciated the idea of showing thumbnails, nowadays I am not sure anymore this is that much interesting. As users note, it makes it more difficult sometimes to find GIMP windows.

Also I notice that in GNOME 3, there is no taskbar anymore, it groups windows per application (which means that alt-tab does not switch between several GIMP windows anymore), and it always show the application icon (whether in alt-tab or anywhere else). I could not find any GNOME or FreeDesktop spec though with explicit choices over program icons to show in various cases. I wonder how things have evolved in other Operating Systems, like Windows 10 and OSX. Any input?

Moreover I think most alt-tab UI (or alt-~ in GNOME 3) would show previews of the windows (bigger than small thumbnail icons) these days, no? So the icon thumbnail may appear even more useless or redundant here.

Does it still make sense to generate icon thumbnails?


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