On 2015-10-14 17:19, Liam R E Quin wrote:
On Wed, 14 Oct 2015 16:28:07 +0200
Jehan <je...@girinstud.io> wrote:
Also I notice that in GNOME 3, there is no taskbar anymore,

It's available as an extension...

it groups
windows per application (which means that alt-tab does not switch
between several GIMP windows anymore),

There are extensions to change that, too...

and it always show the
application icon (whether in alt-tab or anywhere else).

For me I see the image thumbnail both in the window list bar at the
bottom of the screen and in alt-tab.

Ok, probably thanks to the extension.
Then the question is: do you feel it helps or make GIMP more usable to have the thumbnail show there instead of the Wilber icon? Or oppositely is it a bother?


Moreover I think most alt-tab UI (or alt-~  in GNOME 3) would show
previews of the windows (bigger than small thumbnail icons) these days,


Does it still make sense to generate icon thumbnails?

There's a performance improvement for larger images if we don't,
unless the user has the active image thumbnail shown on the toolbox.
But maybe they are also needed for the undo history?

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