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On 2015-10-14 16:28, Jehan wrote:
Does it still make sense to generate icon thumbnails?

I agree with the others, I also it isn't nessasary to make thumbnails.
But, if someone doesn't use gnome 3 and who doesn't use single mode,
they maybe still need it.

Ok so the consensus seems to be that it is useless, and even often annoying, in single-window mode, and that "maybe" it is useful in multi-windows mode. But every one who gave their opinion here (4 people in this thread and 1 in the bug tracker) are single-window mode users. Are there any multi-window mode users here who could tell us if they actually find useful/annoying/neutral to have a generated thumbnail-icon instead of Wilber?

I opened a new wiki page where I uploaded some screenshots I made under various Linux desktops (tested GNOME 3, Cinammon, and KDE).

I have not yet tested under Windows (I can only test Windows 7 by the way), and I will have to borrow someone's computer to even test on OSX, but as far as I know, all modern desktops now have improved ways to manage windows, with thumbnails in alt-tab, but also some views where you show all windows (Exposé/Mission Control on OSX, "Overview" on GNOME, "Task View" in Windows 10, etc.).

It seems to me that we are doing the desktop job by trying to provide a thumbnail-icon, and though it may at some point have made sense when this feature was initially created, I'm not sure it still does given that all modern desktop have really improved window management. Even in multi-window mode until we get some actual feedback there.

Last point: our generated thumbnail-icons are small and lose their aspect ratio, which proves very ugly in many cases, so I am very unsure how much it actually help users.


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