On 10/21/2015 02:08 PM, Jehan wrote:

Are there any multi-window mode users here who could tell us if they
actually find useful/annoying/neutral to have a generated thumbnail-icon
instead of Wilber?

I use MWM (well, everyone probably knows that by now :) ).

I use IceWM as my "desktop". There's a narrow taskbar along the bottom. It shows the Wilbur icon and some identifying text ("Toolbox", the first few letters of the image name, etc) when GIMP is running.

I've never seen a generated thumbnail, and if one were to appear it would be too small to be of any use.

I usually have a lot of programs running at once, with icons on the taskbar. Usually there are so many programs running that I don't actually see any identifying text. So I depend on seeing the Wilbur icon to know which windows are GIMP windows.

If the Wilbur icon were replace with generated thumbnails, I'd probably have a difficult time seeing at a glance which windows belong to GIMP, and that would be annoying.


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