On 2015-10-15 01:51, Andrew Pullins wrote:
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#User Story

As a user with a small vertical screen estate my toolbox pushes the
foreground & background color, active brush, pattern & gradient, and
active image down past the window. Depending on the screen size some
of the tools even get pushed down. To fix this I have to make the tool
box wider to fit more tools in the toolbox and even take away tools. A
wider tool box takes up room on my canvas which is the most important


To improve user experience I propose toolbox groups. Attached is an
image showing how this could be done. In Preferences > Toolbox there
would be a new folder button to add folder groups. Use the up and down
arrows or Drag tool into folders to add them to groups. when tools are
selected they are displayed at the top of the tool group(in the
Toolbox not the group menu). This feature would go nicely with the
Toolbox Spacer feature request.

This is an interesting idea, but I wonder if we can't do better than this. It does not feel that efficient to me to basically have submenus on tools. I'm wondering if some better user experience cannot be achieved to deal with the fact that GIMP has more and more tools (*), so now I'm waiting from inputs from you all. :-)


(*) Of course one such idea could be to get rid of some tools, like I wish it were possible with the Unified Transform Tool (replacing other transform tools) if we could get better controls there!

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