On 10/16/2015 03:31 PM, Andrew Pullins wrote:

    No matter how much I like the current UI, and no matter how much
    Andrew doesn't like it, neither of us can speak for "most users".
    That would require a very carefully done survey, which likely would
    reveal that there's no such thing as "most GIMP users". But perhaps
    there are "exemplar" types of users and workflows, with different UI

See everything you pointed out is exactly why I love GIMP.  GIMP enables
you to make your own workflow.  You want multi window mode go for it,
no? single window is there two. want the tool box on the right? want
dialogs on top of each other, beside each other, blow or beside the
toolbox?  don't like the tools that are showing by default or the order
it is in? change it to fit your needs.

You would be horrified to work in my environment as im am sure I would
in yours.  This feature would make my workflow way better and the best
part is you don't have to use grouped tools if you don't want to.  I
have my suggestions on default groups based upon how I would set it up
if this feature were to be implemented if the community were to like the
default.  Obviously there are those who do not so I think it would be
best not to set default groups.

I am fine with that.  But let me modify my toolbox the way I want it. I
am going to do that anyway and this would make my workflow even better
for me.

It might not seem that way, but I think just about all of your suggestions are well-thought out and would work nicely to solve various problems with arranging the available screen real estate for accomplishing various editing tasks. It was the "most users" part that was troublesome. Which combined with some of Alexandre's comments on the Toolbox has motivated me to reiterate that surely some people are very happy with the current setup.

If someone were to make a survey on what works well for which users, maybe the very first questions should be "What's the screen diameter, what is the aspect ratio and number of pixels, and is the screen freestanding or attached to a tablet or laptop, and are there multiple screens, or just one?" Because what works well for a small screen is probably rather different from what works well for a large screen.

The next question might be "Do you prefer single or multiple window mode, and why?" This seems to be a "personal style" sort of choice.

Followed by "What editing tasks do you most often use GIMP for? What's your typical workflow?"

Followed by questions like "What tools from the toolbox do you use most often, and which ones do you seldom or never use? Which operations do you access through the drop-down/right-click menus, and which ones via shortcuts?"

And (perhaps including a screenshot), "Which dialogs do you regularly keep open, and which ones do you seldom or never use? How do you arrange the dialogs and Toolbox on the screen?"

What questions do you think might be good to ask in a survey, if the goal is to more efficiently and effectively accomodate various workflows on various display screens? Hopefully without accidentally throwing out what currently works well for at least some users (maybe the users least likely to subscribe to a mailing list about the GIMP UI are the users who like the current UI).

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