> Hmm, see, none of us is "most users".
> On the one hand, I can see how Andrew's suggestions make sense for some
> people and some workflows.
> On the other hand, personally I would be horrified if I had to use a
> Toolbox that works the way Andrew is suggesting. I have all seven selection
> tools lined up, ready for use, along with almost all of the other tools
> that can be put in the toolbox, and that works really well. And I find the
> LibreOffice UI to be one of the worst UIs I've ever had to deal with.
> People who like things the way they are usually don't feel motivated to
> speak up and say so.
> I like the GIMP Toolbox just the way it is.
> I like being able to move the Toolbox around and resize it at will.
> I like having all the tools and my preferred dialogs in the Toolbox, and I
> like being able to pull a dialog out to stand on its own when I want to.
> I like working in Full Screen mode, with the ability to pull the Toolbox
> up only when needed, otherwise having it hidden behind the image.
> In my opinion, the people who put together the current GIMP UI did a
> totally outstanding job.
> No matter how much I like the current UI, and no matter how much Andrew
> doesn't like it, neither of us can speak for "most users". That would
> require a very carefully done survey, which likely would reveal that
> there's no such thing as "most GIMP users". But perhaps there are
> "exemplar" types of users and workflows, with different UI preferences.

See everything you pointed out is exactly why I love GIMP.  GIMP enables
you to make your own workflow.  You want multi window mode go for it, no?
single window is there two. want the tool box on the right? want dialogs on
top of each other, beside each other, blow or beside the toolbox?  don't
like the tools that are showing by default or the order it is in? change it
to fit your needs.

You would be horrified to work in my environment as im am sure I would in
yours.  This feature would make my workflow way better and the best part is
you don't have to use grouped tools if you don't want to.  I have my
suggestions on default groups based upon how I would set it up if this
feature were to be implemented if the community were to like the default.
Obviously there are those who do not so I think it would be best not to set
default groups.

I am fine with that.  But let me modify my toolbox the way I want it. I am
going to do that anyway and this would make my workflow even better for me.

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