On 10/15/15, Andrew Pullins  wrote:

> To improve user experience I propose toolbox groups. Attached is an
> image showing how this could be done. In Preferences > Toolbox there
> would be a new folder button to add folder groups. Use the up and down
> arrows or Drag tool into folders to add them to groups.  when tools
> are selected they are displayed at the top of the tool group(in the
> Toolbox not the group menu). This feature would go nicely with the
> Toolbox Spacer feature request.

I'm afraid that this is another band-aid request.

It's true that the amount of tools keeps increasing. But many tools
could be effectively combined into one, e.g.:

1) Selection tools (we had a failed GSoC project on that).
2) Cage transform and N-Point tools.

Also, we already have Universal Transform Tool that could completely
replace standalone transformation tools, if it was given ability to
define exact transform values (there has been a lot of argument about
that in the past).

So, again, let's not go for band-aids as long as we can, please.


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