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I think that, as Sven pointed out (from elle's comments), that the
padding color is the most important adjustment piece, not
the theme.

Only if you always have padding as opposed to working on a
larger-than-viewport image at 100% zoom.

Sure, but:
- You usually inspect your whole image zoomed out, which is likely to
show some padding.
- When you apply primary color grading, you also inspect the image as a
- A neutral, middle gray in the UI won't affect your color perception
adversely for localized manipulation and secondary grading.


As Gez, Sven, and myself have pointed out, the color of the immediate image surround matters a great deal because it influences the appearance of the image. What actually constitutes the image surround depends on the user's particular "at the moment" setup: It might be the desktop itself in MWM with a shrink-wrapped image, or the canvas padding, or the theme itself if the image takes up enough of the screen.

The "paper white" values that I gave for various printer profiles only had the purposes of establishing that "paper white" is not the same as 100% monitor white and for suggesting the maximum Lightness for even the Lightest theme shouldn't be 100% monitor white, even if the goal is emulating "paper white". The main effect of a theme with large amounts of 100% monitor white would be eyestrain.

It seems to me that the currently proposed five themes (https://github.com/Draekko-RAND/gimp-themes) have a nice range of tonality, from the very dark "Dark Side of GIMP" to the much lighter "Light" theme, and it would be nice if GIMP provided all five themes by default.

Changing themes in Preferences is easy to do. Changing icons is also easy to do.

Changing the canvas padding color -arguably more important than the theme color - isn't so easy to do. Well, changing the color isn't difficult, though it requires several mouse clicks to accomplish. But finding a previously used color isn't easy - the previously used colors keep disappearing and the little squares of remembered colors are pretty useless because they aren't color-managed.

It would be nice if there were a way to set up, keep, and quickly choose from a set of user-established canvas padding colors, independent of choosing a theme or a set of icons (and hopefully someone will tell me this is already possible by doing XYZ . . . ).


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