On 2016-01-24 18:29, Sven Claussner wrote:
On  22.1.2016 at 3:30 PM Jehan wrote:
[...] I am fairly confident we can now
have a few themes while keeping minimum maintainability.

I guess you mean minimum work resp. maximum maintainability, don't you?

Well depends on point of view. :-) Maximum maintainability is when we have a maintainer on the topic who knows it inside-out and can fix everything when needed. This is ideal of course. Minimum maintainability is to ensure that anyone can at least work out the code without spending days, even if the current maintainer were to disappear so that it does not become rotten code.

Since we cannot ensure that every current contributor will stay with GIMP forever (even this being the hope), every piece of code requires minimum maintainability as a feature.
But this is nitpicking. :-)

- 1 system theme for proper system integration,

What is a system theme? Do you mean the default theme?

No, a theme that closely resembles the operating systems appearance.
See the notice on constraints in my spec draft.

So it's indeed basically the "Default" theme then, no? At least that's also what I understand from your wiki page.

- optionally 1 theme for roundtrip work with other FOSS graphics tools
(Blender, Darktable, Krita)

I don't understand what is a "theme for roundtrip work"? How could a
*theme* be helpful to work with other software?

For visual consistency, which is also a reason why designers of
operating systems, GNOME etc. write Human Interface Guidelines.
If one often switches between e.g. Blender and GIMP, then s/he should
not feel distracted by the programs' different looks and feels.
I was inspired by Krita's Blender theme.
To be honest we can only achieve an approximation here as every
program has its own styles as I found out in the meantime.

Ok, well that would be possible only for software which have a pretty set "look'n feel", like Blender indeed. As for Krita for instance, since you say it has many themes itself, I doubt it could be done unless we create a "roundtrip" corresponding theme for every theme of Krita. But then it becomes complicated (and I don't certainly want GIMP theming to become complicated!).

Anyway if really there was a need for a GIMP's "Blender theme", or any other software, and if someone wants to create one and maintain it. Why not, I guess.


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