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On 2016-01-22 13:25, Sven Claussner wrote:
- the theme should have a neutral color to not distort the image's
color perception.

What is a "neutral" color? I do not know such a concept.

see Tobias' answer, simply said a variant of gray.

- A pure white theme would reflect the proper appearance of the image
printed on white paper.

So should the whitest theme be even whitest? ("pure white" #FFFFFF even?)

Elle's e-mail from 23.01.2016, 5:29 PM describes it best.
As Elle points out, the padding color is the most important piece for
adjustments here. We could try out Elle's example colors or perhaps
check with one/some of the industry standard ICC profiles from
http://www.colormanagement.org/index_en.html if they held useful
information for us.

I think we should involve the users to decide over it and run a user
test/evaluation like Peter Sikking did some years ago for the tools
(it's in the GUI wiki). Then we knew for sure and could meet the goals
I've outlined in the spec (http://wiki.gimp.org/wiki/Specs:UI_Theme).

If you are in LGM, we would welcome any kind of usability session where
we would gather users to test GIMP on various topics.

I'll not be at LGM this year. But the idea of involving the users
to test GIMP on various topics is a good one!
Let's find other ways of doing it. For instance Google Hangouts like
the Metapolator people practice it for meetings could be a choice.
The hangout sessions could be recorded and archived for later use
(and BTW it's a nice way to meet each other one more time w/o long
distance constraints). Of course, Google is not everything, and I'm
open to alternatives.

BTW: Krita has 8 themes with more or less small differences, PS CS 6
has 4 themes.

As a side note, this is not a competition. We should support what we
think is best, whatever other software are doing.

I agree with you. It was meant as a side note and food for thought how
others deal with this topic.

[...] I am fairly confident we can now
have a few themes while keeping minimum maintainability.

I guess you mean minimum work resp. maximum maintainability, don't you?

I do hope that current contributors will stay for the long run! :-)


- 1 system theme for proper system integration,

What is a system theme? Do you mean the default theme?

No, a theme that closely resembles the operating systems appearance.
See the notice on constraints in my spec draft.

- optionally 1 theme for roundtrip work with other FOSS graphics tools
(Blender, Darktable, Krita)

I don't understand what is a "theme for roundtrip work"? How could a
*theme* be helpful to work with other software?

For visual consistency, which is also a reason why designers of
operating systems, GNOME etc. write Human Interface Guidelines.
If one often switches between e.g. Blender and GIMP, then s/he should
not feel distracted by the programs' different looks and feels.
I was inspired by Krita's Blender theme.
To be honest we can only achieve an approximation here as every
program has its own styles as I found out in the meantime.

- optionally the current 2.8 theme. Some people might like it
because they are used to it. We don't need yet another save-export-like

We will keep the current theme at the very least for development
version, if not for the release, because it is basically a nearly "raw"
theme. So developers will always need it to differentiate GTK+ bugs from
theme bugs.


We could provide a link collection to other good themes together with
a tutorial on how to install them or later extend the plug-in registry
to hold themes and art resources (brushes, patterns etc.).

Having a good extension platform is one of my project for the close
future, but that's a very different topic. :-)

Fine! Pat also mentioned something on the gimp-web list. Let's collect
our thoughts and then see what could be done. But perhaps getting the
registry running again and polishing some other w.i.p. stuff is more
urgent now.

I hope to find time to move my spec to the GUI wiki in the next days.


Done. See http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/UI_Theme_workgroup



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