El mar, 26-01-2016 a las 15:17 -0500, Elle Stone escribió:
> As Gez, Sven, and myself have pointed out, the color of the
> immediate 
> image surround matters a great deal because it influences the
> appearance 
> of the image. What actually constitutes the image surround depends
> on 
> the user's particular "at the moment" setup: It might be the desktop 
> itself in MWM with a shrink-wrapped image, or the canvas padding, or
> the 
> theme itself if the image takes up enough of the screen.

Well, in the case of shrink-wrapped floating windows on a desktop
background this discussion becomes moot as you can't predict what kind
of background the user chose.
Somebody knowing what she's doing would have a neutral background with
a suitable luminosity for her needs, but others could have a colorful
picture with flowers and kitten :-)

Maximized floating windows are likely to show some padding color when
they're zoomed out to fit.

> The "paper white" values that I gave for various printer profiles
> only 
> had the purposes of establishing that "paper white" is not the same
> as 
> 100% monitor white and for suggesting the maximum Lightness for even
> the 
> Lightest theme shouldn't be 100% monitor white, even if the goal is 
> emulating "paper white". The main effect of a theme with large
> amounts 
> of 100% monitor white would be eyestrain.

Ah, ok. Agreed then.
Even while any user serious about printing is likely to use a white
level as close as possible to her common paper stock white, it's still
a moving target.
But in my opinion the strongest argument against a too bright theme is

> It seems to me that the currently proposed five themes 
> (https://github.com/Draekko-RAND/gimp-themes) have a nice range of 
> tonality, from the very dark "Dark Side of GIMP" to the much lighter 
> "Light" theme, and it would be nice if GIMP provided all five themes
> by 
> default.
> Changing themes in Preferences is easy to do. Changing icons is also 
> easy to do.
> Changing the canvas padding color -arguably more important than the 
> theme color - isn't so easy to do. Well, changing the color isn't 
> difficult, though it requires several mouse clicks to accomplish.
> But 
> finding a previously used color isn't easy - the previously used
> colors 
> keep disappearing and the little squares of remembered colors are
> pretty 
> useless because they aren't color-managed.
> It would be nice if there were a way to set up, keep, and quickly
> choose 
> from a set of user-established canvas padding colors, independent of 
> choosing a theme or a set of icons (and hopefully someone will tell
> me 
> this is already possible by doing XYZ . . . ).

Agreed. Personally I'd love to have a little switcher below in the
status bar, by the quickmask and zoom/units selectors.
A simple square would suffice. You click on it and it cycles between
black/middle gray/white (and maybe the background checkers colors too?

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